10 Best Archery Target In 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks


Having the right archery targets matters. Whether you are practicing for a hunt or just like to shoot over the weekend, you want targets that will help improve your skills and your backyard bow range.

You want high contrast for certain situations and realism for others. On top of that, the best Archery target for broadheads may not be the best for crossbow shooting.

Portable targets are great for when you are on the move. However, you only have to set up fixed targets once. You never want to shoot just one target either. Instead, you want something that will let you sneak a few rounds whenever possible. 

Best Archery Target - Comparison






Block GenZ Series

20" x 22" x 8"


Morrell Double Duty 450FPS



Morrell Yellow Jacket

2'6" X 2'6"


Black Hole – 4-Sided


Block 4-Sided

Block Classic Archery Target



GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target


Block 4-Sided

Block Black Crossbow


Block 4-Sided

Hurricane Bag Archery Target



Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead



Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

16"x 16"x13"


Our Handpicked List of Best Archery Targets for Every Skill Level

 1. Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Parents delight in sharing their hobbies with their children, and this target from Field Logic helps you introduce archery to your kids.

Designed specifically for the child archer, the Block GenZ provides strong stopping power in a durable, compact, ultra-lightweight frame and target life.

This makes it perfect for practice shooting with up to 40 pounds in bow-draw weight. Its open, high-contrast, layered technology also makes shooting comfortable at any skill level.

It also makes arrow removal a snap regardless of your arrow tips. All these features allow your child to move quickly up the ranks from bigger to smaller aiming points. You and your child will leave the range with more confidence in his or her shooting accuracy.

Overall, ithis is a great target for beginners. The learning possibilities that the Block GenZ offers outweighs the price, making it a great choice for those just starting out. 

What we liked

  • Designed for beginners and young archers
  • Great with bows of 40-pound draw weight and lower
  • Open-layered technology
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Longer target lifespan
  • Ultra-clear aiming points for superior accuracy
  • Small and lightweight for ease of carrying and positioning
  • Perfect for kids as young as 5

What we didn’t like

  • Does not stop arrows fired from compound bows
  • You can only use the front and back
  • Not suitable for a 300 or more feet per second (fps) youth bow

 2. Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target


If you love shooting with friends, you want a few Double Duties. Also called the Bone Crusher, this bag target from Morrel provides four colorful shooting sides that can stop up to 400 fps of power.

It also sports six bull’s eyes, a nine-ball game, a dartboard and a full-color midsection of a deer that makes for a fun afternoon of challenging your friends to see who is the best shot. Plus, it stands out nicely, allowing you to work on your accuracy.

The Double Duty is also quite durable, and it is weather-proof, so it will survive both rain and shine without falling apart.

You can also remove arrows from the target’s hard foam interior easily, with just one hand. On top of that, this target has heavy-duty handles, making it easily portable. The Bone Crusher will last for years with its sturdy internal frame that holds its shape regardless of how many times you hit it.

Despite these features, novice archers should stay away from the Double Duty. While it can stop bolts at high rates of speed, it  is too advanced for beginners. Young archers may not have the shooting power to drive arrows into the foam, making these targets useless. 

The same is true for skilled archers using practice tips. The target may allow arrows slower than 350 fps to penetrate, but these arrows can get caught in the target’s netting interior and get stuck, damaging both the arrow and the target.

What we liked

  • Bright yellow colors you can spot from a distance
  • Six bull’s eyes, a nine-ball game, a dartboard  and a full-color deer midsection
  • EZ-Tote handles for easy transport and carrying
  • 400-pound stopping power
  • Can stop speeds as fast as 400 fps
  • Great for bows, crossbows and compound bows
  • Internal frame system (IFS) technology enables it to maintain its shape
  • 100% weatherproof

What we didn’t like

  • Bottom staples can come loose
  • 350 fps arrows or slower can get stuck in the target
  • Not for beginners

 3. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target


The versatile Yellow Jacket Supreme works great on the ground or hanging from a stand with its sturdy top flaps with metal eyelets. Built to last many seasons of shooting, this two-sided bag target is perfect for field-pointed arrows at speeds up to 350 fps.

The bag target also has an EZ tote carrying handle for effortless transportation.

One of the best investments you can make, the Supreme will help you improve your shooting skills. It can even withstand hits from compound arrows and other projectiles without issues due to its multi-layer design.

Morrell's Yellow Jacket Archery Target Review By FortuneCookie45LC

It also supports the Morrel Internal Frame System with incredible stopping power. Therefore, it will keep its shape and integrity through many sessions.This product can take thousands of shots in its lifetime. The target cover is also replaceable.

At 23 by 25 by 2 inches, the Supreme also has a wide, easy to shoot, bright yellow outer surface and easily visible red aiming points so you can hone your archery skills. 

You can also easily remove your arrows without wearing down the target, making it perfect for advanced shooters and beginners alike. You can even use it indoors!

What we liked

  • Built to last many seasons
  • Impressively easy arrow removal
  • EZ tote carrying handles and grommets
  • Broad and stable shooting surface
  • Compatible with compound bows
  • Effectively stops arrows up to 350 fps
  • Great for all skill levels

What we didn’t like

  • Only designed for field arrows and not much else
  • Some arrow types can get stuck in the target
  • Bag interior can start to smell after a few arrows

 4. Black Hole – 4-Sided Archery Target

Black Hole - 4 Sided Archery Target

Great for pre-hunting exercises, the super lightweight Black Hole archery target is a rare beauty. This incredibly eye-catching portable target uses friction to stop your arrows from penetrating deep into the foam.

This lets you quickly remove your arrows and get back to shooting. You can also shoot at each of the four sides, each with its own particular design and multiple aiming points.

Priced competitively, this block target comes with four black handles, one for each side, for easy and smart carry and transport, and an open-layered design.

It also sports durable woven polypropylene sides, so you never have to worry about it through a season of shooting. It can also withstand the pressure of shots up to 350 fps.

While you can shoot every side of the target, you cannot use every arrow with every side. You can only use broadhead tips on the front and back due to the woven polypropylene construction along the sides. However, you can use field point tips on all sides.

Despite this drawback, the Black Hole will help you improve your bowhunting skills at any level, provided you picked the right size for your needs.

The target comes in convenient sizes for anyone from beginners to intermediate archers and professionals though, and you can use it with any bow type, including crossbows.

 It even has obvious 3D aiming points that are brightly colored for high visibility at long distances. Two of the faces offer small white dots with black-white centers and four white dots on a circular base.

The other two sides provide a white-yellow pallet. The target has a simple design, but is very accessible to mark and practice.

What we liked

  • Light and portable
  • Four-sided shooting
  • Excellently stops all types of tips
  • Offers easy arrow removal
  • Durable and open-face layer design
  • Back and front parts can take both broadhead and field points
  • Great for any skill level

What we didn’t like

  • Can only use field tips on sides
  • Will not withstand compound bow weights more than 70 pounds
  • The middle front may only last for 100 arrows

 5. Block Classic Archery Target


Experienced archers trust the Block Classic from Field Logic. This ultra-portable bag target is well-known for helping archers improve their bow and arrow skills and precision with the utmost confidence.

It features a patented, open-layer construction that uses high-degree friction to slow and stop arrows instead of the industry standard force, ensuring that your shots stick, while also ensuring that you can easily remove them.

This fused, polyurethane and polyethylene foam construction also lets the target maintain its shape and integrity through multiple sessions while eliminating the need for banding. The Block Classic also supports an easy-carry handle for transport and storage.

My Block Classic Archery Target Review By Kevin Reese

Block Classic comes in two sizes, making it a great collection for shooting practice at any skill level. Designed for both fixed and mechanical broadheads, you can use this target practice with low-energy impact projectiles to hone your ability to take down targets with intelligent, optimal shot placement.

As for the target points, Field Logic adorned the Block Classic with white dots for precise targeting and accurate aiming either on your home compound or out in the fields. The target even offers a blank side that you can customize to your needs.

Through it all, the Block Classic archery target offers great field points that will enhance your shooting skills while reducing your need to adjust your bow sights.

What we liked

  • High-contrast design
  • Available in three sizes
  • Blank on one side for customization
  • Sturdy polyurethane and polyethylene construction
  • Offers easy arrow removal
  • Poly-fusion design enables the target to perform well
  • Portable: comes with attachment handle

What we didn’t like

  • Shooting the target with broad-heads can reduce its lifespan faster than with field points
  • Some arrows can pass through the target
  • Only two shooting sides

 6. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target


Block and bag targets work great when you are practicing for an archery competition or just a fun evening of target practice, but they are terrible for hunting.

If you need to hone your bow hunting skills, you want something that looks like the animal you want to shoot. The GlenDel buck 3D target offers that.

The GlenDel Buck features a durable construction with a realistic design that works great for both beginners and more experienced archers.

 It can withstand multiple hits from field tips and most weather conditions. Styled to look like a 250-pound buck, this lifeliketarget stands 36 inches at the shoulders. A sturdy metal pipe secures the buck in the ground while keeping the entire unit portable. This all makes it a great tool for learning where to stand and aim your shots.

The shooting surface is seven times larger than other similar models, making it perfect for first-time and younger archers. Its size gives the target four core sides that can stop bolts up to 390 fps, providing an even more realistic experience.

The durable construction can take a beating during practice to get you ready for hunting season. It features a Polyfusion core that can last twice as long as ordinary 3D target insets. It has the right durability, versatility and stability to help you practice all year-round.

What we liked

  • Polyfusion core technology
  • Lasts twice as long as other inserts
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Four shooting sides
  • Vitals clearly indicated on the sides
  • Extreme durability
  • Weather-resistant. Can be used in any season

What we didn’t like

  • Not weatherproof. You must bring it indoors when you are not using it
  • Susceptible to water damage, which can reduce its durability
  • Difficult to remove some arrows

 7. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target


Measuring 20 by 20 by 16 inches, the Block Black crossbow target is great for beginners as well as experienced archers.

It provides four shootable sides with clearly marked target points. The white-on-black design helps you clearly see the targets from a distance, allowing you to improve your accuracy. vivid pattern of the four target sides makes the Block Black great for close-range and distance shooting. 

They are also backed by a sturdy Polyfusion interior construction that makes removing the arrows a snap, extending the life of the block target. Field arrows will even slide right out without ripping the foam or tearing it.

This ease of removal can reduce or even prevent arm fatigue, resulting in long practice sessions.

Its large size makes the Block Black crossbow great for backyard shooting, which is the only way to use it. 

We can only recommend firing at this target while out in the field. This restriction does help prolong the target’s life though. Its lightweight construction also makes it easily portable and convenient to transport to and from the practice field.

What we liked

  • Compliant with most tournament and hunting game rules
  • Four shooting sides, four small targets per side
  • Durable, innovative, Polyfusion foam construction will last through several sessions
  • Strong enough to stop field tips and broadheads
  • Allows for longer practice sessions
  • Easily visible at a distance

What we didn’t like

  • Not compatible with all crossbow broadheads
  • Only good with fixed-tip arrows
  • Fast enough bows can rip through the foam, making it difficult to remove without damaging the tip.

 8. Hurricane Bag Archery Target


Designed for the competitive archer, the Field Logic Hurricane bag target offers everything you need to become a pro. The target features a durable construction with a versatile design.

 Its sides are brightly colored with clearly-marked black dots and deer organ vitals printed all over. With these features, you will improve your aim with every practice session.

While the two-sided target is designed for indoor shooting, you can use it anywhere to improve your aim and skill level.

You can clearly see the high-contrast aiming points from the super-bright background under any lighting conditions.

Plus, the outlined deer vitals will prepare you for real-life hunting in the woods. The vitals sit offset from the targets on the front, which increases the bag’s life and improves your shooting.

The Hurricane also boasts a heavy-duty handle that lets you conveniently transport the target with ease. The handle also allows you to easily hang or mount the lightweight bag.

Under the cover, the target uses the latest in Tri-Core technology. This technology lets the target withstand hundreds of repeated hits with nothing getting through to the other side.

It also lets you remove your arrows and bolts easily from any side. The tips just slide right out without ripping or tearing anything. It is so durable that you can use it with field tips from any light or heavy compound bow.

Overall, it is one great target for hunting practice or to get ready for your next competition. It has everything you want in a field target. We just cannot recommend it for broad or expandable tips.

What we liked

  • Durable Tri-Core construction provides an impressive target performance
  • Highly visible aiming points, even at long range
  • Heavy-duty handles for easy carrying and storage
  • Designed for indoor ranges
  • Deer vitals on its backside allows for real-life shooting practice
  • Can withstand hundreds of shots

What we didn’t like

  • Not recommended for broad or expandable arrows
  • Some tips can break off and get trapped inside
  • The images for the vital organs can appear upside down

 9. Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead Target

Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead Target

Serious broadhead users should strongly consider the Rinehart 18-1. It boasts 18 different brightly-colored aiming surfaces to help you maximize your practice sessions.

Named for its shootable faces, the uniquely-shaped 18-1 features a durable, self-healing foam construction that will keep its shape through multiple sessions. 

This makes this highly rated bow hunting target great for broadheads, though Rinehart says you can use the target with both broad and field arrow tips. You can use it with either compound bows or crossbows without any issues. You can even remove your arrows with ease, though you may want to proceed cautiously with field tips.

The foam interior does make the target feel thick and plasticky. However, the foam also makes the target light and portable. At 15 inches per side, the 18-1 is quite small.

Its size and integral rope handle let you toss it downfield, ensuring that each session gives you a variety of unique target sizes and angles. You can easily hang it for aboveground shooting as well.

The foam also makes removing broadhead tips a breeze. You can easily remove field tips as well, though not nearly as easily. Still, you will want to use your field arrows to get the most life out of the target.

 A broadhead tip can occasionally pull small chunks of the foam, shortening the usefulness of the area. 

Please note that winter weather can aggravate this issue. The high-density foam can freeze and become brittle.  

What we liked

  • Boasts 18 highly visible shooting sites
  • Self-healing, high-density foam construction
  • The target can last a long time
  • Very luminous on black surfaces, easy to spot from long distances
  • Suitable for broadhead and high-speed crossbows
  • Lightweight and portable

What we didn’t like

  • Among the most expensive targets on the market
  • Not suitable for field point despite the long-life benefits
  • Some arrows can chip the foam

 10. Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

The six-sided Rinehart RhinoBlock target block gives you 40 clearly marked targets and three different ways to perfect your archery skills.

  • On two of the sides, you will find three-dimensional depictions of deer vitals, letting you practice your real-life accuracy.
    • The target also features two sides of rather large markings to help you take your aim to the next level.
    • On the remaining two sides, you will find an array of small target points for precision arrow shooting and placement.

    All six sides sit on top of an extensively durable, self-healing foam construction. This legendary Rinehart foam interior can handle many shots and sessions without losing its shape and integrity, improving and extending your practice with every shot.

    Beyond that, the foam is strong enough to stop field tips, as well as both broadheads and expandable arrows. It can also withstand most outdoor conditions.

    Rinehart even provides an extra replacement face and core inserts to make the target last even longer.

    The lightweight, 22-pound target can be carried to and from storage and your practice area. You can also use its durable rope handle to quickly set it up and hang it from trees.

    It even boasts convenient, strategically placed mounting holes that let you elevate it firmly on the ground at different heights so you shoot at it out in the open.

    What we liked

    • Ultra-lightweight and compact
    • Durable design
    • Self-healing foam interior construction
    • Can be used with all types of tips
    • Ideal for use with outdoor activities
    • Allows you to hone your shooting skills in three ways

    What we didn’t like

    • The target is among the heaviest on the market
    • Arrows can get stuck and are difficult to remove
    • Crossbow bolts can fuse with the foam, making them impossible to remove

    How to Buy Archery Targets

    Archery targets serve two different functions. They help you improve your mark, but they also provide safe places for your arrows to land. This secondary function keeps your arrows from breaking on other objects.

    Therefore, you want the most durable target you can afford. That way you can use it over and over again without damaging your arrows.

    However, not all targets were created equally. Archery targets can help you improve your skill, but only if they are designed to do so. Different arrows and archers have different needs. A target may be able to stop one type of arrow at a certain speed, but it might be useless for other types and speeds.

    Thus, you want your target to work for your skill level.

    With all of this in mind, when buying archery targets you want to keep the following five points in mind.

    Category of Archery

    Before you go looking at targets, you should be aware of your preferred archery style and skill level. For instance, block and bag targets are great for competitive target shooters because they will more likely to match the targets you will see during tournaments.  
     However, you want 3D practice targets if you want to work on your field or hunting skills. 3D targets come shaped like a variety of popular prey such as deer, bears, turkeys or hogs. Therefore, you can choose a target that looks like the game you plan to hunt.  
    You also want to take a look at your bow.
    Different shooting weapons will impact the target differently. For example, heavy bows and firearms fire high-energy projectiles. This means you need a target that can handle all that force and energy. For light shooting, a foam target should suffice.

    Durable Design and Construction

    Once you figure out which targets will work for your own brand of archery, you can start digging deep into their quality. You want a target that gives you good aiming spots without damaging your arrows.
    As the most basic design, bag targets are great for repetitive shooting, especially during summer months. Their synthetic fiber interiors hold together quite well and provide large shooting surfaces with decent arrow stopping strength. 

    However, these targets only work well with field points. Bag targets often capture and retain broadheads.
    Designed for prime archery practice, foam targets provide excellent stopping power in a typical portable and lightweight package. Foam targets use friction between the foam layers to stop arrows, which makes them perfect for broad-tipped arrows, but they will last longer with field points.
    • Easy to Maintain
    You will be shooting holes into your target, so it only makes sense that the target will eventually break down and require replacing. Therefore, you should keep that in mind when shopping for one. Generally, heavier targets are more durable than lighter ones, reducing your maintenance costs. 

    Some targets will even let you replace and repair damaged components. However, bag targets often perform poorly against the elements.
    • Easy to Remove

    Because you do not want to spend most of your practice session removing arrows from your target, you want a target that will let you quickly pull your arrows back out as soon as you want them.

    The best targets will let you remove arrows with just your fingers. However, you want to make sure that removing the arrows will not break them in the process. For instance, heavy bows can propel arrows deep into foam targets, making it a challenge to remove them safely.

    • Target Mobility

    Target mobility only becomes important if you plan on using your target in different places.

    Some targets have handles for easy transport, but you can just carry the lightweight ones. Generally, you want a lightweight target with a carrying strap when you need to move your target.

    Straps also let you hang your target for use on an indoor range. Hanging archery bags allows you to practice without hauling them out every time you want to practice.


    Your archery target exists to improve your shooting while keeping your arrows safe after each shot.  Because of this, making sure you have the right targets matters a lot more than you might expect.

    The best archery target for you will depend on several factors, and you want to keep them in mind when shopping for one. Generally, you want the most durable target you can afford so you can use it over and over again.

    However, different arrows and archers have different needs. The best targets for broadheads may not be the best for crossbow shooting. Also, you may want high-contrast targets for certain situations and realism for others.

    The 10 targets mentioned above represent the most popular targets with the most popular specifications. Your personal list of best archery target may include other targets while leaving off others, but these 10 targets are good enough to get you started.


    Will every target be able to withstand arrows from any bow?

    Can I shoot at foam blocks from an angle?

    Do children need a youth target?

    Which targets work best for crossbow and compounds?

    What are the best broadhead targets?

    How long will my archery target last?